American Vector: Pre-Sales

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By Co-Author, Michelle Darnell

I have tried to encourage Jeff to write a book for several years. He has a depth of experience, authenticity and insight, that while at times can be rather controversial–and even frustrating (!) and even seem abrasive, is underneath all that, quite interesting, engaging and challenging. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I have enjoyed helping Jeff write it.

This project evolved organically.  What started out as a book narrowly focused on the Covid 19 response state to state and a travelogue, quickly evolved as a consequence of the social and political unrest we observed across the country while we were traveling.  With Black Lives Matter, Antifa, statues being torn down and the George Floyd riots, things got a bit crazy.

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If you’re interested in road tripping and Americana, you’ll find “American Vector: Road Tripping in the Age of COVID,” great reading. It’s really a love poem to America. You might even discover you inner patriotic. And the authors talk race, politics and religion. A lot. The book could also be called “Controversies R Us.”


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